Challenges like market linkage, processing, branding, financial support and technology mobilization, among various others, have long hindered the growth potential of FPOs and small farmers. With the rising number of FPOs a proactive approach was needed to overcome the persistent challenges they face.

To tackle these hurdles head on, Ploughman Agro Private Ltd. (PAPL), a dynamic social enterprise was conceptualized and established as a private limited company registered under the Companies Act. 2013. PAPL is dedicated to revolutionizing the agri-business landscape by facilitating the aggregation and trading of produce from farmer producer organizations. By strategically identifying optimal markets, seamlessly integrating supply chains, and ensuring best pricing, PAPL empowers FPOs to thrive and optimize their agricultural practices. Through this comprehensive solution, FPOs can navigate the intricate web of challenges and pave the way for a more prosperous future for the small farmer communities. We have our headquarters in Madhya Pradesh, a strategic central location in smallholder-dominant central India with highest growth in agricultural productivity in the last few years, which is also the leading state in FPO promotion.


  • To become a leading sustainable agriculture commodity marketing company by fostering inclusive growth and prosperity through pro-environment, pro-farmer and pro-market interventions.


  • To empower smallholder farmers by connecting them to markets, ensuring fair prices, and driving sustainable production and marketing.
  • To lead the industry through widespread corporate partnerships, localized processing, and skill development for prosperity and transformative agricultural impact.


In a world where conventional supply chains often overshadow the hands that till the land, PAPL’s business model is pioneering a new era in the agribusiness sector. Our path-breaking approach uplifts farmers from being just suppliers of raw materials and transform them into primary aggregators and processors.

PAPL’s ‘Direct to Growers Model’ is where cultivation meets innovation, and growers step into the spotlight as the driving force behind an equitable and profitable agricultural landscape. It is designed with the farmers at the heart and derived out of various factors like:

  1. The rise of the domestic middle class and the diversification of dietary preferences.
  2. A rising, robust demand for safe consumables, particularly organically grown, free from chemical pesticide residues, both locally and internationally
  3. The amplified need for responsible farming, judicious resource allocation for sustenance, green energy and conscientious consumption patterns catalyzed by climate change hazards
  4. The Corporate shift towards sustainable sourcing for raw materials, spurred on by the pursuit of carbon neutrality

In response we created a model that is forging an alterative supply chain that procures directly from growers through FPOs, ensuring that the benefits flow directly to the grassroots, circumventing intermediaries. Our distinctive market niche functions with an overarching objective to provide farmers with steady incomes by empowering them through fair practices, training, process efficiency and sustainable farming methodologies.

Our Business Model


In our journey towards a shared future, we are fuelled by the belief that every action has a ripple, every endeavour a lasting impact. Our commitment to rural prosperity and sustainable agriculture stands as a beacon, guiding our steps and shaping our decisions as we navigate the next five to six years and beyond.

Connecting Millions for Collective Prosperity

We aspire to form a bridge between millions of small farmers and the best markets for their produce by effectively channelling their collective efforts through farmer produce organizations.

Pioneering Sustainable Agriculture Value Chains

We seek to take the lead in nurturing value chains for sustainable agricultural commodities sourced from regenerative and organic production systems rooted in transparency, responsibility, and robustness


PAPL is led by experts and practitioners with long standing and credible experience in rural livelihoods programs, livelihood financing, policy, market access including the FPO. United by the shared goal to uplift small farmer communities, our dynamic top management inspires us to enable, empower and enhance.

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