Ploughman Agro
Private Limited (PAPL)

A profarmer Organisation

About Ploughman Agro Private Limited

PAPL is a private limited company established in 2020 registered under the Companies Act. 2013, to connect millions of smallholders with market through Farmers’ Organisations. The PAPL was formed with the stake of people who have long standing experience of developing farmers’ organization around agriculture value chain. Several FPOs have also taken stake in the ploughman.


  •  It was born out of the realization that farmers’ organization (FPOs) need support for marketing, processing, brand building, credit linkage, infrastructure and other professional services to mark their footprint in the agriculture value chains. The idea of PAPL was conceptualised to bridge this gap by the Action for Social Advancememt (ASA) ,a not for profit organisation, which pioneered the concept of FPO and begun the FPO development work in India in 2005. ASA continues to support the idea of PAPL and encourages it to become an organization of excellence for finding the niche for smallholders in the value chains.


To be an inspirational company of choice for small farmers


To enhance the income of small farmers so they can lead a better life

Key Principles

  • Growing together with farmers
  • Conducting business in an inclusive and transparent manner
  • Pro-environment, pro-farmers, pro-markets
  • Improve lives and strengthen farmers and their institutions