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Action in place of reaction, sometimes that’s all it takes to unleash a world of possibilities. At Ploughman Agro Private Limited (PAPL), our mission transcends traditional norms. By forging strategic alliances with corporate partners, we pave the way for growers to command premium prices for their produce. This synergy enhances the quality of their produce, ensures a lean value chain and improves their bargaining power, giving them a stronger say in the rewards their labour deserves.

Through our innovative business approach, we link organic and traditional cultivation to market dynamics and champion contract farming, enabling farmers to cultivate with a clear purpose and secure markets waiting at the end of the harvest. A for profit social enterprise, PAPL supports growers in marketing, processing, brand-building, credit linkage and liaison with Farmer Produce Organizations (FPOs) to aid in input management, training and infrastructure development, propelling them towards a prosperous and sustainable future.

Our Impact



Testimonials from FPOs

"I have been associated with the Barwani Farmers Producer Organization (FPO) for the past 10 years. Our FPO has been trading in seeds, cotton, wheat, corn, and spices with PAPL for the last 3 years. Before PAPL, we faced difficulties in obtaining the right market and prices, which limited our business to around 20-25 lakhs. However, in the past year, we have done business worth more than Rs.4 crores without facing any business risks."

Kala Bai Barde
Management Committee Member,
Barwani Farmer Producer Company Limited,
Rajpur, Barwani District, Madhya Pradesh

"Our Company has partnered with PAPL for three years. We appreciate the transparency they maintain in their software-driven transactions, with payments made directly into farmers' bank accounts, eliminating discrepancies. This collaboration has not only granted us access to improved markets but also reduced market risks, all without the need for loans for business capital."

Mukesh Mandloi
Management Committee Member,
Nimad Farmer Producer Company Limited,
Ozar, Barwani District, Madhya Pradesh

"I personally have been associated with the Alirajpur Tribal Farmer for 7 years. Our FPO has been partnering with the PAPL for past 3 years. Initially, we faced challenges in finding better markets for our produce, but by partnering with PAPL, we had the opportunity to connect with larger markets. This made our transactions easier, ensured immediate payments, and spared us from any other deductions."

Nan Bai Mori
Management Committee Member,
Alirajpur Tribal Producer Company Limited,
Alirajpur, Alirajpur District, Madhya Pradesh

"Our company, Ratlam Adiwasi Kisan Producer Company Limited, has been working with Ploughman Agro Private Limited for almost 3 years. Before this, we grappled with issues related to sourcing quality inputs and supplies in our region. PAPL has connected us to the right market for inputs procurement and commodity sale, resulting in significant business growth. With continued support from PAPL, we are poised to double our turnover."

Kodar Damor
Board of Directors,
Ratlam Adiwasi Kisan Producer Company Limited (RAKPCL),
Ratlam District, Madhya Pradesh

"We have conducted several transactions with PAPL concerning organic cotton and wheat. They assisted us in establishing an Aggregation Centre and helped build our capacity to determine cotton quality through the availability of a Moisture Meter. This support enabled us to procure high-quality cotton and provide better returns to farmers."

Nimdu Meda
Member of Board of Directors,
Pitol Tribal Farmer Producer Company Limited,
Pitol, Jhabua District, Madhya Pradesh

Testimonials from Farmers

"I have been associated with PAPL for the past three years, cultivating cotton from July and conducting multiple pickings starting in the last week of October. Previously, despite maintaining quality, we struggled to secure fair prices for our cotton. PAPL's intervention has elevated our market prices, improving our livelihood."

Seeta Masram/ Hemraj Masram
(Cotton Market Linkage)
Village Uttamdera, Madhya Pradesh

"I have been practicing organic farming for three years under PAPL's field team's guidance. With their continued support I have learned the do's and don'ts of organic farming and witnessed soil improvement with increased soil looseness and the presence of earthworms in my fields."

Vimla Bavarkar/ Jeetulal Bavarkar
(Organic farmer)
Village Uttamdera, Madhya Pradesh

"Through PAPL's ongoing field support, I've been consistently educated on organic farming methods. They provide detailed explanations and demonstrations, helping me grasp concepts related to home made bio-pesticides and fertilizers like "Panch Patti Kada" and "Kanda Pani,", leading to enhanced soil and plant health. I now produce home-made bio-pesticides and regularly apply them, resulting in improved crop quality and growth."

Anita Majhi
(Training on Organic Practices)
Balangir district, Odisha

"The seeds sourced through the FPO are high-quality seeds. Earlier I cultivated soybeans traditionally, which yielded 13.5 quintals per hectare. However, after, a new variety of seeds was made available to me, which I planted on 13.84 Hac. As a result, the harvest was 16.50 quintals per hectare, four quintals higher than the previous harvests. This increased my income considerably by Rs. 16,500, which improved my financial condition."

Gopal Paidar
Ratlam, Madhya Pradesh
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